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The Cleaner

Co-writer, Producer, Editor, DIT

Marie, an undervalued cleaner for a cocky assassin, arrives at her latest job to find that the target isn't actually dead yet. Seeing this as an opportunity to prove her worth, she decides to finish the job, but killing a man isn't as easy as it seems.


Co-written with Director Chloe Ireland (Robbie Wrecked the Band, Beached, Pity Parade), this film was due to be our first year film until production was halted by COVID-19. It wasn't until Summer 2021 that we were finally able to shoot, which fortunately gave us an extra year and a half to tighten the script, production and gain some more experience on other projects. As the film features no dialogue, I was able to experiment during the edit to find the perfect balance between comedy and tension.

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