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Robbie Wrecked the Band

Editor, Script editor, DIT

16-year-old Robbie loves music, but he suffers with sensory processing issues due to his Autism. He and his music teacher, Mrs A, try everything to come up with a solution so that Robbie can play in the school band without getting overwhelmed. Robbie must learn to control his senses and prove himself at the regional swing band competition.

RWTB poster.png

On hearing the pitch for this film, I knew it was something I had to work on. I suffer with sensory processing disorder myself, and the concept of a film that represents the feeling of sensory overload, while being respectful and accessible was very appealing to me. The film was a rewarding project work work on from start to finish, with fantastic opportunities to experiment with a visual representation of sound with the goal of ensuring that the film itself wasn't overwhelming to watch.

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