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Writer, Director

In an effort to complete their dead childhood friend's bucket list, Charlie and Elliott meet for their fourteenth annual trip onto the Quantock Hills to hunt for a Jeronikin. Having dedicated his whole life to the pursuit of this mythical cryptid, Elliott longs for Charlie's support, while Charlie is desperate to grow up and move on. Determined that this will be his final year of attending the trip, Charlie has smuggled Alex's ashes from his mother's mantlepiece with the hope that he can free all three of them from their incompletable task.

Jeronikin received the Judges Award for Best of Show at the 2022 Megaflix Film Awards in Gloucester.

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Jeronikin is based on a family legend created by my Grandad. He told my mum, she told me and my siblings and we tell my nephews. It’s really no more than saying things like “I think I can hear a Jeronikin” or “Hurry up before the Jeronikin gets you” when we’re walking on the Quantock Hills and adding no context. As a result, we all know of the Jeronikin, and we all have a different picture in our heads, but we don’t discuss it to settle on a backstory or what it looks like. I love this concept of a creature that a group or community believes exists, but has no proof and all witness accounts differ. With Jeronikin, I wanted to explore what reasons someone might go looking for such a creature, while knowing that it most likely doesn't really exist, thus Charlie, Elliott and their goal to complete Alex's bucket list was created.

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