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A Better Way

Writer, Director

2022 NAHEMI-Kodak Student Commercials Awards winner for Mooncup, featuring a series of vignettes shining a light on the "period code", the secret rituals menstruators perform to keep their periods secret, which any other menstruator would recognise immediately if they saw.


One of the main aspects of Mooncup as a brand that I really enjoyed looking into was their commitment to ending period taboo, as this is something I’m very passionate about. The thing that stood out to me most about Mooncup’s previous ad campaigns was the humour they utilise to engage their target audience. Their ads don’t feature the same cookie cutter beautiful, white lady playing tennis in white shorts in slow motion and smiling through her period, which, for some reason, comes out blue. They’re funny, heavily stylized, eye-catching and memorable.

Bearing these things in mind, my idea was born after seeing a Tiktok trend featuring women giving two “looks” into the camera - one for the way we look at our friends when we are approached by a man we’re interested in, and one when we are approached by a creepy or intimidating man. The trend was to highlight this secret code where the difference is universally understood by all women, and there ended up being hundreds of comments from confused men who thought the two looks are the same. I was really taken by this idea, as it can also be applied to periods.


There are lots of things menstruators do while on their periods to make themselves comfortable, and a lot of this comes from the taboo of being on your period. Society dictates that we must keep this event which takes up a quarter of our month a secret, and it takes a lot to unlearn that shame.

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